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With two decades of experience and a presence across the globe, our teams work as a cohesive unit to ensure we go above and beyond to deliver to our diverse customer base worldwide.

Innovation is our key principle and is fundamental to everything we do

While providing a range of IT solutions and digital technology services to startups and large enterprises, alongside retailers and resellers, we empower our customers not only to grow, but to achieve excellence in everything they do.

Explore the Salsoft world and learn how we enable businesses worldwide in attaining their full potential.



A technologically connected world where no entity is left behind. We at Salsoft empower businesses with innovative IT enabled services globally.



Salsoft Technologies is on a mission to build the best IT solutions and systems for businesses at every scale while creating a future where every technological advancement is for the benefit of the people.


What matters to us

Quality matters. That is why the global Salsoft team ensures the highest standards of quality in everything we produce for our customers. We take pride in being among the top ITes companies in Pakistan.



Since the initiation of its operations in 2001, Salsoft Technologies has excelled in every part of its business. With global operations and an international clientele, we have surpassed all expectations and our entire team takes great pride in where the company stands today - as a leading IT enabled services company in Pakistan with a truly global presence and unparalleled experience in what we do.

In Pakistan, we are the very first company which initiated developing Facebook apps in 2007

Two years later (in 2009), we became the pioneer organization in the country to start iOS development. Further, in 2015, another key milestone attained by the company, Salsoft started business with the United States General Services Administration and secured a contract with NASA.

In 2021, Salsoft Technologies became an entity with 1500 employees. The increasing demand for our products and services globally has made it essential for us to increase the number of our workforce. We anticipate that this figure may increase even further in the next few years.



Being a global company, Salsoft has a worldwide presence. We are strategically located in three different continents – North America, Europe and Asia. Salsoft Technologies has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.